Loose Skin After Weight Loss Series

As a plus size woman with weight loss hopes, I’m terrified of getting loose skin. So, naturally, I’ve read and researched it…a lot.

The Loose Skin after Weight Loss series is the result of that research. I scraped the internet for stories of men and women who lost a significant amount of weight and reported their experiences with loose skin.

In this series, you’ll find out what those folks with loose skin have in common, how to prevent it, how to get rid of it if you have it, and get a better idea of whether you’re habits will result in loose skin.

Keep in mind that the data pool is small, that I’m not a doctor, that this isn’t a scientific study since it’s based on self-reports throughout the bloggosphere, and that you should always consult your physician before starting any weight loss program.

Loose Skin after Weight Loss series:

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